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Too Many Health-Care Rules and Regulations?
It's Time to Shrink the Pie

October 3, 2003

It's time to shrink the pie: the size of government in terms of rules and spending. No matter how you look at it, it has become virtually impossible for ordinary citizens to keep up with all the rules, to monitor the growth in government surveillance databases, and to fight for their freedom, because government has gotten so large and powerful.

Who Has Time to Monitor the Growing Number of Government Policies?

For many families nowadays it takes two earners to make ends meet. Why should hard-working citizens have to give up even more of their precious family time to try and understand the complicated rules, policies, and hoops they must jump through just to avoid the government's wrath?

"Right-wing" Wants to Add More Ingredients

Those on the right side of the political aisle want to change the ingredients of the federal pie and shift more taxpayer dollars to private contractors. But they don't seem very eager to shrink the pie overall. Instead, they are working to enlarge the pie by adding more ingredients to the massive Medicare program—the largest payer of health care in the world.

"Left-wing" Policies Empower Big Brother

Meanwhile, those on the left also want to increase the pie by mandating universal health care. Clearly, that would increase the size of government in terms of spending and power. But the fact is, one can never be truly free when the state is in control of one's life and health care decisions. Health freedom and government-funded health insurance are diametrically opposed.

How to Ensure True Freedom

The only way Americans are going to have true health freedom is to shrink the pie. We can spend years and years trying to manipulate the ingredients by shifting funding priorities from one program to another, but we won't have greater freedom until the size of the pie is reduced.

This article was originally published in the July/August 2003 issue of Health Freedom Watch, the bimonthly watchdog report published by the Institute for Health Freedom.

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