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Medicare & Medicaid

Medicare Costs Projected to More than Double in Next 10 Years
National Health Spending to Double by 2015
Comptroller General Urges Congress to Re-examine Federal Health Spending
New Study Finds Medicare’s Administrative Costs Are Underestimated
Cut Federal Spending and Put Medicare Prescription Drugs on Hold
Federal Government Proposes Linking Nursing-Home Payments to Vaccinations: Submit Public Comments by August 30!
President’s Message: It’s Time to Unsocialize Medicare in the U.S. (by Sue Blevins)
Medicare Rx Spending to Outpace GDP Growth; Hospital-Spending Growth Not Expected to Slow
National Health Spending Trends for 2004-2014
HHS Response Ignores Question about “Legal Authority”, Raises New Questions about Restrictions on Seniors’ Freedom “Inside” the Medicare Program
Government Imposes a Huge Financial Penalty on Seniors Who Reject Socialized Medicine
Medicare Officials Might Consider Hiring Toads
What Every American Needs to Know about Social Security and the Mandatory Medicare-Enrollment Policy: Government Imposes a Huge Financial Penalty on Seniors Who Reject Socialized Medicine.
Congressmen Question HHS's Legal Authority to Force Seniors into Medicare Part A: Three congressmen sent a letter to Health and Human Services Secretary Tommy Thompson questioning the current policy of forcing seniors into Medicare Part A.
An Unhealthy Tradition: Ignoring, whitewashing, and covering up Medicare's true cost is a Washington tradition as old as the program itself.
Is Nationalized Health Care Coming to America? The new Medicare law establishes a Hillary-like health care working group.
How New Medicare Reform Could Affect All Citizens
Chiropractors Excluded from Limited Right to Contract Privately Under Recently Enacted Medicare Bill
Reality Check on Medicare Legislation
Coercion vs. Freedom: Baby Boomers Likely to Challenge Medicare Rules
The 2003 Medicare 'Pill Bill'
Walk of Shame: Republicans Bungle Medicare and Have Their Way With the Law
Medicare Bill Includes Major Tax Increases
Beware of Medicare Reformers' Empty Promises
Medicare Reform Will Strip Away Health Freedom and Medical Privacy
Critical Time to Speak Up About Medicare Reform
Medicare Trick or Treat: Why Make 654,000 Seniors Pay More for the Same Medicare Benefits?
Medicare Drug Plan Raises Cost, Privacy Concerns
How Medicare Rx Drug Coverage Affects Patient Choice: A Firsthand Account
Medicare Drug Plan Promotes Dependence on Government: The House version of the Medicare bill passed by only one vote.
692-Page Medicare Bill Just Developed and Congress Has Just Hours Before Voting: Will Your Congressman's Vote Be Truly Informed?
Losing Our Independence? Medicare Rx Reform and Health Care Choices
Medicare Rx Reform: The Road to Medical Serfdom
Proposed Medicare reform could strip all citizens of their health freedom and medical privacy: It's a critical time to voice your own opinion!
State of the Union: How free are Americans when it comes to choosing their health care?
How Seniors and Taxpayer Got Enron-ed - A book review by John Hood, president of the John Locke Foundation.
Medicare Private Contracts: What Happens if Medicare Pays for Rx Drugs? - American seniors have the right to know how a new Medicare program will affect their freedom to choose and pay privately for medicines.
Debunking Medicare Myths: How a New Prescription Drug Program Could Affect American Taxpayers and Seniors - Do Americans want to create a safety net for the poor, or a federal program that rations prescription drugs for all American seniors?
Appeals Court Rules in United Seniors Association v. Shalala - Are seniors allowed to pay privately for the health care of their choice?
Book released: Medicare's Midlife Crisis
Book Forum to Release "Medicare's Midlife Crisis"
Health Expenditures Consume Ever-Growing Share of Federal Budget - Continued growth in federal spending on health care will most definitely crowd out funding for defense and national security priorities.
Reforming Medicare or Shifting Costs? - Was the Medicare hospital program truly reformed or were accounting gimmicks used to "save" the program?
Will A "Patients' Bill of Rights" and New Medicare Reform Proposal Guarantee the Right to Contract? - H.R. 958 would also force seniors to share their medical claims' records with government bureaucrats.
Are You Ready for the Year 2000? You've probably heard a lot about the Year 2000 computer problem, commonly referred to as the Y2K problem. . . Whether you're an optimistic or a doomsayer, there are some common sense steps everyone should take regarding health care information.
Institute for Health Freedom Joins Legal Brief in Fight for Seniors' Health Freedom. If, as the Supreme Court held in Cruzan v. Director, Missouri Department of Health, a person has a constitutionally protected right to refuse unwanted lifesaving medical treatment in order to die, then surely there exists an equal or even greater constitutional right to obtain wanted medical treatment in order to remain healthy and alive.
Should senior citizens be able to contract privately for Medicare services? Hear both sides of the argument from speakers at a recent Cato Policy Forum. Note: This is a link to an audio message.
ACLU Joins Fight for Seniors' Health Freedom "A former associate justice of the Supreme Court of Minnesota was refused a tetanus injection at an emergency room during treatment for a severe laceration. The emergency room personnel explained that Medicare might deem the injection unnecessary and would then refuse reimbursement. When Justice Loevinger offered to pay for the injection with his own funds, he was informed that under Medicare, the hospital could not allow him to make personal payment for treatment."
The Medicare Commission Says It Wants Your Input.But Does it, Really? Did anyone ever ask you whether we should use scarce Medicare dollars to pay for the training of doctors instead of, say, covering prescription drugs? Probably not. That's because Medicare decisions are usually made by large lobbying groups that have vested financial and political interests in the program.
Why Doctor Opted Out of Medicare
Medicare "Scare" Campaign
New Medicare Law Discriminates Against Certain Providers
Medicare Limits Senior Liberty
Medicare's Origin: The Economics and Politics of Dependency
Who's Afraid of Patient Choice?
...And Restore Seniors' Freedom
Returning Medical Freedom to Seniors
On Medicare, Congress Makes Wrong Choice
Kennedy-Kassebaum and Alternative Health Care: Reason to Worry
Our Nation's Health Before and After Government Health Care
Stonewalling MSAs. Few things coming out of Washington make less sense than the virulent opposition to the inclusion of Medical Savings Accounts in Medicare legislation.
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