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Health Insurance

bullet Universal Coverage Relieves Citizens of Responsibility and Liberty
bullet California Health-Reform Plan: $12 Billion Solution to a Purported $9.5 Billion Problem?
bullet Nation’s Health Expenditures Hit Nearly $2 Trillion in 2005, Projected to Double to $4 Trillion by 2016
bullet Restoring “True” Insurance
bullet National Survey: Americans’ Views on Health Care and Options for Reform
bullet Universal Health-Care Roundup: Two States Pass, Seven States Abandon Universal Health-Care Bills in 2006
bullet AMA Adopts Mandatory Insurance Requirement
bullet Questions to Consider Regarding Universal Health Care
bullet What Every American Should Know about Mandatory Universal Health Insurance
bullet Is Health Insurance to Blame for Spiraling Medical Costs?
bullet Reminder: Submit Your Comments on Upcoming National Health Reform by August 31!
bullet Mandatory Health Insurance: Health Care by Force
bullet President Bush and Congress Need Your Input on National Health Reform
bullet What We Cannot Afford...
bullet What Every American Should Know about the Massachusetts Mandatory Health-Insurance Legislation
bullet Amish Drive Down Medical Costs
bullet Universal Insurance Mandate Leads to Political Interference in Private Health-Care Decisions
bullet Canadian Supreme Court Strikes Down Ban on Private Health Insurance
bullet National Health Spending Trends for 2004-2014
bullet Pros and Cons of Health Savings Accounts (HSAs): The recently enacted Medicare Rx law includes a provision that allows Americans to open HSAs. There are both pros and cons with HSAs that should be considered.
bullet Is Nationalized Health Care Coming to America? The new Medicare law establishes a Hillary-like health care working group.
bullet Single-Payer Health Plan Rejected 4 to 1 - Last fall, citizens across the country were closely watching the Oregon ballot initiative that called for a single-payer health plan in that state.
Oregon Single-Payer Health Insurance Plan Could Be Model for Nation - Link to article.
HMOs' Rise Driven by Government, Not Market - Unbeknownst to most, Congress has essentially mandated managed care for everyone.
Restoring Health Freedom: The Case for a Universal Tax Credit for Health Insurance
Misleading the Public About MSAs
MSAs Would Benefit Those Seeking "Alternative" Health Care
Medical Savings Accounts Give Patients Power
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